La Palma craftsmanship

Palmeran crafts form a unique and exceptional creative universe. They are a bridge connecting us with centuries of life on an island whose essence has been moulded by the free interchange of ideas crossing the open Atlantic. The island is therefore a meeting point, where the good work, talent and diligence of its people have managed to create and preserve a unique and diverse artisan culture.

It is the artisans of La Palma who have cared for and cherished these traditions. Their hands create, with care and skill, each of these pieces that constitute the soul of a timeless legacy full of authenticity, which identifies an island and its people.

Our craft walks in the footsteps of the island’s past, but also advances towards new horizons, which offer a greater variety of trades and products, as a faithful reflection of the open character of permanent dialogue with other cultures and traditions that constitutes the nature of La Palma.

This Internet site aspires to become a meeting point for our crafts in the network of networks. A window open to the digital universe from the most local and authentic products from the island, the thing that differentiates us and projects our personality as an island community: La Palma Crafts.

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