Craft Sectors of La Palma

To speak of crafts is to speak of tradition, of a love for things well done, of attention to detail, of beauty, of patience. It is also to talk about everyday objects that make life more beautiful. La Palma is a unique setting where traditional culture has always been, and continues to be, something alive and present in the island’s daily life. La Palma has one of the most interesting, varied, rich and best preserved traditional crafts from Spain and Europe. Its challenge now, is not only to keep going, but to meet the future in such a way that it becomes not only a first rate cultural legacy, but also an increasingly respectable way to earn a living for the artisans who have managed to struggle through the most difficult times.

In this section you will find a list of the different Artisan Trades that are carried out on the island of La Palma. To access information about one of the trades, click on its name.