Palmeran aboriginal culture made great use of stone. Knives, scrapers, and ornamental pendants were made of it and there are more than 250 catalogued rock art sites on the island, which constitute one of the most enigmatic and interesting legacies of the pre-Hispanic Canarian past.

The stonemasons of La Palma give civil, military and religious architecture a special character by using rock from different quarries and combining black and red stones in the fundamental parts of the structure. In the places where the stone is visible, they carried out an important work of carving that remains a witness to the quality of the basalt and the skill with which the craftsmen handled the chisel and hammer in every corner of the island.

But it was not only architecture that made use of the quarrying and subsequent carving work: the stone appears in tiles, cornices, walls, sinks, drinking troughs, grinding mills, facades, gates, steps, pedestals …


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