Island School of craftsmanship of La Palma

The Island School of Crafts of La Palma was born from the concern of Palmerans who are basket makers, embroiderers, weavers, turners … aware of the value of their traditions.

To justify the creation of the school, an exhibition was organized in the rooms of Mazo Town Hall that included the various crafts carried out and gave a vision of the possibilities of the different sectors, according to a review in the records of Villa de Mazo in 1964, signed by the official chronicler of the town, Félix Duarte Pérez.

Two years later, in 1966, 750,000 pesetas were earmarked for this purpose, charged to the State through the Women’s Section and the Community Development Program. In addition, the Villa de Mazo City Council donated 700 square metres of land. In 1967 the building works began and in 1968 the school opened its doors.
From its birth the School stood for the regeneration of artisan trades and their transmission to new generations, raising the status of artisan objects and the promulgation of Palmeran crafts inside and outside the island.

The School soon became a meeting place which channelled the concerns of the inhabitants of the area and created social activities. Three artisan subjects were always taught: weaving, embroidery and making balayo baskets.

To this day, the school continues to be a venue for culture, and a centre for artisan teaching, exhibitions, visits and promotion.


Schedule to the public

Winter / monday to friday: 10:00h. – 15:00h.
Summer/ monday to friday: 10:00h. – 14:30h.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: closed
Telephone: 922 440 052
Addrees: Carretera Dr. Morera Bravo, 38730 El Pueblo, Villa de Mazo

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